Former Cavalier Defensive Back Greg Jeffries joins Tony Covington inside the Virginia Huddle to provide a recap of the Oregon game. In this episode, they give their thoughts on the game including the running game, QB play, the defensive side of the ball and they breakdown some of the big plays against Virginia. They also discuss how the game changed in the second quarter, some positive takeaways, Cov’s Keys and more.


Podcast: Virginia Huddlecast

Hosts: Tony Covington & Tyrone Lewis

Guests: Greg Jeffries

Producer: N/A

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  1. I too noticed a few times that the defense seemed to be just a step to half a step too slow at getting to the QB on both the 3 and a mile play (corner blitz if I remember) and the 77 yard TD pass. Both times the defender was bearing down on the QB but he was able to get rid of ball just ahead of our guy getting there.

    These seem to me to be things that will improve over time when they are more comfortable and are able to react a little quicker at the snap and read what the offense is trying to do.

    Even on the busted coverage on the long 3rd down play, Thornhill was able to recover pretty well and made a play on the ball. This too should improve over time. Jordan Mack is going to be a stud by the end of the year. Look forward to watching him develop.

    Have to be honest, that I was very disappointed in Rainey’s play. Was expecting him to be playing a little better. His read on the 77 yard TD was not very good.

    Andrew Brown looked a lot more comfortable and I think things are starting to settle down for him. For all the hype, I think we have to keep in mind that he hasn’t seen much game action to this point, even as a junior. Steven Wright made some nice plays and looks like is starting to catch on too. He’s still very young (RS FR). Another one I look forward to watch develop.

    I think the sacks are a combination of Benkert holding the ball too long on occasion, and the OL not being able to hold up long enough for him to make his reads (and maybe he isn’t making his reads quick enough either). It did seem, as you guys pointed out, that every time he went to leave the pocket to escape pressure, he went right into a defender. Hopefully he and Beck can go back and look at the film and make the adjustments necessary. And speaking of staring down receivers, the pass to Mizzell that resulted in a PI while in the redzone, Dowling was in the middle of the field WIDE OPEN (I’m talking no defender within 5-7 yards) and Benkert didn’t have a clue. They ended up scoring a TD a few plays later, but that was a gimme if he makes his progressions.

    Albert Reid looked great, even on his kick off return. I’m trying to temper excitement a little given how known it was of Oregon’s horrendous run defense, but give credit for the coaches to exploit that weakness. This is a good development considering he was one of the last players to complete his tempo runs to be able to join fall practice. I would like to see Ellis a little more in the run game as well.

    I’m hoping the offense is able to get a little more creative in the coming weeks. I feel like the defense took a step forward (hard to see exactly how far given the offense they played). They still need to cut down on the big plays and bone-headed penalties.

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